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Along with the pages that SFPMA uses to inform our members and our Followers, we have Groups that are open to everyone. This way we can send out and promote the information about us and member companies that work together in the Property Management Industry. One of our goals is not letting our members just sit on a directory. Supporting each member company and information; getting this information out to readers new members and our industry is important to us!

When most companies do not realize how important it is to let others know what you do on a daily basis. We watch, we visit many of the social media pages for our members. What we see is alarming!. Far to many companies do not utilize what Social Media has to offer them. This is why we are always looking for posts that we can reshare we realize you are not!

By utilizing Social Media Clients get to know and trust that your company is here to stay! These visitors and past clients we will reshare details you post about workmanship, advances or just new work you have performed.

Find many of our pages we share daily to; Changes are being made to these pages, we are removing old posts for companies that are no longer with us, and updating information about SFPMA – Thanks


State of Florida Property Management Association: Keep up to date with information through Facebook.  LIKE AND JOIN WITH OTHERS

Find-A-Service: This is one of our pages we use to promote our Directory and the members that are listed.  DIRECTORY MEMBERS 

Find-A-Service Group on Facebook: Members can join and post up to date company information. FIND-A-SERVICE; SOUTH FLORIDA GROUP

Property Management Group on Facebook: Many company’s post and interact with members through the group. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – SOUTH FLORIDA

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Find-A-Service.com (Showcase Page): Used to promote Directory Members & Companies about Services they provide. FOLLOW FIND-A-SERVICE.COM

Florida Rising Magazine (Showcase Page): Page show’s articles in that months edition, Members, Advertisers and Sponsors  FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE

SFPMA Group on LinkedIn: Great mix of Articles, Events, Information by Group Members for our industry. SFPMA GROUP ON LINKEDIN


SFPMA Association page on google+ : We share about members on these pages, https://plus.google.com/+Sfpma

SFPMA COMMUNITIES: We have a sfpma community page where we have different information for each area  https://plus.google.com/communities/106182643873612560662

Our Brand Acct State of Florida Property Management Association  https://plus.google.com/b/116736294765654037812/+Sfpma

Google+ page for our Magazine – Florida rising Magazine   https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/112330967542949978915/+FloridaRisingMagazine



We are updating this full list as of  Jan, 2018

Please join the many pages and start posting and Kept Informed! Let everyone get to know what you do? and How you can help?