Members can Advertise on our Website Pages and in our Magazine FLORIDA RISING.

View the price charts for what we offer. If you are looking for a custom area we can help you with this.


Advertise On our Website:

Pick the Page or Pages you wish your Banner or side ad to be placed.

SFPMA: Our Website pages: Select a page you wish to have your Ad on.


Side Ads: $50.00/Per month. (12 months)  Side Ads are appx 300px x 300px

Banners: $100.00/Per month (12 months)  Banners are 750px x 90px  or 750px x 100px.


Please call us with your ad location

If you have your own artwork you can send to us:


Call us we can give you the best Advertising rates for your budget.


Is a monthly digital publication for the Property Management Industry, Highlighting Businesses and Services throughout Florida.


Accessible on all mobile devices. Our web-based viewer is flip through like a printed magazine (note: some smaller phones may have a slide effect.)

What does digital interactive mean for our clients:

With Digital Media we have the use of hyperlinks for both images and text, embedding U-Tube videos, having pictures move, presentations, home, office, and interactive walk-through videos. We can even play music while readers are flipping through the magazine. This rich media adds a wide range of interactive content on each page.

“Through digital media advertising we give the buyers more information about each client right from the magazine pages.”

*Print Ads are dead:

Do you want your ads sitting on a table in a doctors office or sent in many areas that social media allows? Let us drive traffic from your advertising to your website let clients find you through your Ads.

“Think of this with all of the advertisers sending the magazine to their clients your Ads are sent in many different directions and viewed by many more potential clients.”

Advertise in our magazine

Please send your artwork to:

Custom Ads & Art Work: If necessary we may have to re-size the Art work to fit the Ad Space. We will try to keep it the same, and will call and notify you of any changes we have to make.

Ad’s 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page
6 months 125.00/mo. $250.00/mo. $500.00/mo.
12 months 100.00/mo. $150.00/mo. $250.00/mo.

Our distribution –  We send the magazine each month directly to members, subscribers, emails each month.

Then After the Week of publishing our Full Version, we post the Social Media Magazine on all Social Media pages and groups – This has opened the door to many new readers, through Social Media the magazine is viewed by many more readers in our industry.

 To date: over 20,000 Readers have been opening and reading the magazine each month. This is data from our magazine host – We can track how many times the magazine has been opened and viewed. in the past year we have seen an increase through our  Social Media sharing along with the subscribers that have requested the magazine sent to their email every Month.

We charge 21.00 For a Full Year for Subscribing to our our FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE

Call us for Magazine Advertising

Marketing Your Company

We send direct emails to our  industry professionals using Mail Chimp These emails have valuable information from our association and members. Our sign up forms are integrated with our Mail Chimp Lists so as clients sign up they are added and kept informed.

We share about SFPMA and Members on all of our social media pages and the many groups we are affiliated with. These include pages for SFPMA, FIND-A-SERVICE, MEMBER SALES & PRODUCTS and FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE.  Each division of our association has social media pages on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+

Articles written by industry professionals are shared to members and our industry. Keeping them informed with changes in our Industry, Lobbying, Education, Legal, Financial, Business and Service issues that affect all of us.

Our monthly publication “Florida Rising Magazine” is sent to the Property Management Industry, within the pages readers can find informative articles. These are written by industry professionals and members of SFPMA. Included in each edition are articles on Legal, Financial, Collections, Security and Screening, Management, Education, Businesses & Services and a Directory of the leading companies that work in our industry.

Other ways we keep everyone informed is the many pages of our website. Clients can find information about our Members and the Association, Upcoming Events (Our Calendar), The Sales & Products Pages and The MEMBERS DIRECTORY (This is our mapped platform where all of our members and the trusted companies can be found)  throughout our website pages clients and readers find information helping them find and make the right decision on hiring property managers, business and services companies for their properties.

Many companies take an active role through networking events, including becoming speakers, sponsoring educational programs, writing articles and offering their time. These industry leaders have become sponsors of South Florida Property Management Association, many of them also serve as advisers on industry topics and are valuable industry leaders.

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