Through our committees you can capitalize on skills that you may not already possess, and educate your self to benefit your company. 

Expand your professional network, many people only connect with those who work directly with them. Professional associations allow you to build relationships with new professionals in your field that may not necessarily know about your business. This is essential for business growth. As current contacts can be very limiting in this economy, businesses should take advantage of professional associations as it allows you to meet like minded professionals, and increases business. This opens up opportunities for future business ventures and lifelong partnerships.




Chair: (2017) Sandra Parrish, Kristian A.
Co-Chair: (2017) Keneth Feilds, of RE investors inc.

Benefits:  Opportunity to increase awareness of your company.
 Promoting your business.
 Learn new strategies from other members who have created a long-lasting businesses.
 Capitalize on skills that you may not already possess and educate your self to benefit your company.

The membership division is responsible for the Membership Committee. It overseas membership recruitment efforts, reviews applications, implements retention programs, This committee is also responsible for organizing and presenting the new members with orientation with the State of Florida Property Management Association. They promote meetings and advertising efforts utilizing marketing ex: (Internet, Print Ad's, and Direct Mailings) along with cost control.



We are expanding our reach to the Tenants, Owners of the Condos and Board Members  Informing them that they can use members for repairs under the buildings membership. 

Chair: (2017) Robert Traina     Co Chair: AJ Michaels

This committee keeps in contact with listed members adding and updating the information listed in our association directory. Prepares and sends e-mail's filled with sales and specials and promotes these sales. By bringing information to the buildings, business & service members get to speak with Hoa and Condo owners letting them learn how your company can help them. When these owners are educated,  It takes the guesswork out from finding the right companies for their projects. This could mean increased business for you.



Chair: (2017) IT Designers: AJ Michaels, and Chris Montagliano  - helped with design of the new directory. Frank Mari - Built the Mapped Directory Platform and oversees maintenance and changes.

Benefits: The design of the MEMBERS DIRECTORY,  We have added Recurring Billing,  Sales & Product Pages, Adding Education Seminars mid 2017, Use and navigation of the sfpma, find-a-service and florida rising websites and pages.

 Presenting ideas that can be applied to the associations website.
 Web design, how to spot trends, what works, new programs.
Writing articles for the newsletter or suggesting ones to be written.
New ideas for the website: Sales & Specials Pages, Members or listed companies will be able to set a sale and it will automatically be posted on the category page chose. 

This is a committee that will oversee the sfpma website although any and all changes that are made to the site are made through our team of IT Professionals. This committee will give suggestions: on new ideas that are working on the internet, Adding to sfpma, pages, pictures, information & changes to content within the site. Develop education programs for our members, updating programs, keeping abreast of industry trends, Implementing meetings for our members and how they can use the internet bringing them into the 21st Century of computers. Finally bringing Social Media into the main street of how they do business.

Associations have a responsibility of knowing what's going on in the industry which means we can often provide information not available elsewhere, providing information technology and developments in our industry, we keep you up to date with the latest techniques, products, services by members and non members.



The Magazine  "Florida Rising"
Chair: (2017) Executive Editor . Frank J Mari      Editorial Assistant . Kristian A.
Co-Chair: (2017) Community Editors,  Burce Hipple, Sandra Ogno

Benefits: Keep you up to date with issues and developments in your industry.
 Tell you about companies-or individuals-and what going on.
Offer information on conferences and professional development opportunities.
Our professional classified, and help wanted sections, available Everyone on the Web. Only our Member discounts from other members and Clients looking for Sales & Specials
Web design, blog's, and programs that benefit our members.
Our Updates are sent during the Month, Keeping our members up to date with whats going on in the industry.

This is a digital Magazine for the Property Management industry, every quarter it is packed with articles on what's new in property management. Our legal members bring you the changes to the laws in both county and state levels. Management and Maintenance issues are addressed in the State of Florida, In every issue you are sure to find the editors picks; a property manager, a business member, or a service member where a full article detailing who they are, contact information, how they manage there buildings or perform the work they do, along with what's working for them in this economy. New member introductions, Advertising section where our members can advertise at a discount for all members to see. Articles on government, and the property management issues affecting it, A the new classified section for sales of items, goods and services by other members, and soon to come a help wanted section where you can list your need for employment and vacancies to fill.

Included is the Mail Chimp newsletter; where we send the sales and specials by our business and service members guaranteed to save you money on goods and services that they provide. This Monthly Newsletter brings current news to your E-Mail keeping you up to date with the Property Management Industry and SFPMA.