What are the Property Management requirements in Florida

What are the Property Management requirements in Florida

  • Posted: Oct 12, 2016
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As more investors are heading into becoming owners of rental properties the questions arise about requirements. There are questions that you need to know the answers to and SFPMA has you covered.


Must a Florida property management company have a real estate broker’s license?

YES. Key components of property management (renting and leasing) are considered a real estate activity under existing Florida real estate licensing laws. A property manager needs broker license if he or she is paid by commission, and is handling rentals and leases for others. No license is required for managing personally owned properties. There is not a “Property Manager” license or certificate. Also, certain rental properties need a license through the Div. of Hotels and Restaurants.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a Florida property manager have a broker’s license?

YES. For example, if a property owner employs someone to manage their property, and that employee is paid a salary, as opposed to being paid a commission or on a transactional basis, a broker’s license is not required.

For more information about these and other Florida property management requirements and exceptions, please contact the Florida Real Estate Commission.

Before hiring a property manager to manage your Florida rental property, you should always check that he or she is licensed appropriately. You can check the license status of Florida property managers at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Licensee Search webpage.


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