Agriculture & Consumer Services- Agriculture Promotion, Consumer Protection,Food & Consumer Product Safety, Forestry (http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/)
Attorney General- State's chief legal officer, enforces consumer protection & antitrust laws, issues legal opinions, represents the state in lawsuits (http://myfloridalegal.com/)
Auditor General-Coordinates audits & investigations of programs and operations of government entities (http://www.state.fl.us/audgen/)
Auditing & Accounting- Accounting, Statewide Financial Reporting, Audit Rules, State Payrolls (http://www.dbf.state.fl.us/audit.html)
Professional Regulation-Ensures regulated professions & businesses provide quality services; licensing of selected professions & businesses (http://www.sunbiz.org/index.html)
Florida Cabinet-Collective decision and rule making body comprised of designated elected state officials (http://www.myflorida.com/myflorida/cabinet/)
Children & Families-Adoption, Child Care, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Disabled, Mental Health, Financial Assistance & Additional Programs (padhttp://www.state.fl.us/cf_web/)
Colleges & Universities- padHigher Education, Universities, Community Colleges, Board of Education (http://www.stateofflorida.com/uncol.html)
Community Affairs- Emergency Management,Housing & Community Development, Growth Management, Coastal Protection, Land Preservation (http://www.dca.state.fl.us/)
Corrections- Corrections Facilities, Offender & Escape Online Information Search, Prison Statistics (padhttp://www.dc.state.fl.us/)
Florida Courts- padCourts & Legal Information, Judiciary (Judicial Branch) (http://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=33)
Education & Schools- K-12 Schools Information, Vocational Rehabilitation, Colleges & Universities (http://www.stateofflorida.com/education1.html)
Elder Affairs- Elder Programs & Assistance, Retirement & Health Information (http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us/)
Emergency Management- Emergency Preparedness & Information, Recovery & Mitigation, Planning (http://www.dca.state.fl.us/fdem/index.htm)
E P A- Air Resources, Recreation & Parks, Waste Management, Beaches & Coastal Systems, Marine Patrol, Environmental Law Enforcement (padhttp://www.dep.state.fl.us/)
Ethics Commission- Standards of conduct for government employees & officials, interprets ethics laws, financial disclosure, related public information (http://www.ethics.state.fl.us/)
Financial Services Department- Banking, Financial Institution & Securities Regulation, Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Unclaimed Property (http://www.fldfs.com/)
Fire Marshal- Fire Investigations, Prevention, Standards & Training (http://www.fldfs.com/SFM/)
Fish & Wildlife- padHunting, Fishing, Protected Species, Florida Panthers, Florida Trails (http://www.floridaconservation.org/)
Forestry- padConservation, Management, Fire Protection, State Forests (http://www.fl-dof.com/)
Governor's Office-Governor (Executive Branch) (http://www.myflorida.com/b_eog/owa/b_eog_www.html.main_page)
Health Department- Health & Safety Concerns, Health Care, Water & Sewer Systems, Group Living Facilities(http://www.doh.state.fl.us/)
Health Care Administration- Licenses & regulates health care facilities & HMOs, Handles health care complaints, Medicaid(padhttp://www.fdhc.state.fl.us/)
Highway Patrol- Law enforcement & safety on Florida's highways(padhttp://www.fhp.state.fl.us/)
Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles- Driver Licenses, Motor Vehicle Tags & Titles (padhttp://www.hsmv.state.fl.us/)
Insurance Department- Office of Insurance Regulation (padhttp://www.fldfs.com/companies/)
Juvenile Justice- Addresses Juvenile Crime, Prevention, Detention, Sanctions, Treatment (http://www.djj.state.fl.us/)
Labor & Workforce- Jobs & Employment, Employer Services,Workplace Safety, Unemployment Compensation, Labor Information (http://www.stateofflorida.com/labem.html)
Law Enforcement, Department of- State law enforcement; training; background checks; criminal info; crime statistics; predators, offenders & most wanted 
Legislature- Legislative Information, Laws & Statutes, Budget, Legislators, Lobbying, (http://www.leg.state.fl.us/)
Management Services- State agency facilities,administration & information technology support; Purchasing & Procurement; 
Military Affairs- Florida National Guard & Department of Military Affairs (http://www.dma.state.fl.us/)
Public Service Commission-Utilities Regulation including Electric, Gas, Telephone Companies, Water & Waste Water Systems, etc. (http://www.psc.state.fl.us/)
Revenue- Tax Collections, Tax Law Library,Child Support Services,Property Tax Links, Taxes (http://www.myflorida.com/dor/)
Secretary of State- Corporations, Licensing, Business Registrations; International, Cultural & Information Services; Elections (http://www.dos.state.fl.us/)
Transportation- Transportation Planning & Roads, Highway Construction, Tolls, Bridges Maps (http://www.psc.state.fl.us/)
Water Management Districts- Water management and water related issue (padhttp://www.stateofflorida.com/Portal/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=104)