Find property managers for your investements

“We give investors and clients the information to make an informed decision about which property management member to use”

  • They learn about how hiring a professional management company helps them.
  • They find out what fees are associated with management.
  • They read and learn about maintenance issues and repairs for the property.
  • And other information including questions to ask management companies. We know that with real estate comes non paying tenants, eviction fees, collecting rents, vacant units, inspections, payment matters from the tenant and your monthly money, contracts and leases.

Addressing these questions with owners and board members helps them to understand what a manager does, and how important it is to take the time to find the right company that will care for the properties like they would.

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  • Rebilling will take place after the membership expires (1 Year), There will not be a Set Up charge. Rebilling for Management Members is every year after your initial membership.

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If you are a Property Manager Individual with a valid CAM or LCAM or a Property Management Company. Get listed on our member directory, as investors, condo boards, and HOA communities come to find a management professional they can find and use you.


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