We inform managers, board members, and industry professionals so they learn about how your company can help them!

State of Florida Property Management Association partners with many businesses. Our effective marketing helps companies set goals and grow throughout the industry.

 We Aid Property Management Firms, Condo Boards and HOA Communities with solutions for finding the right Property Managers, too finding the right Business and Services needed for proper operations of their properties helping them achieve their goals . Each month many of our members are contacted to solve problems that arise. ex; At the end of the year it's Tax Time, Budgets, and Elections, we put clients in touch with our listed members to help with Bookkeeping, Collections, and Legal Advice. Helping them make the right decisions with hiring one of the association's members to meet their needs. When a request for maintenance of their buildings arises these management professionals can search our members directory, finding top professionals ready to meet their needs.

When you hire a company listed on our directory trust that you find companies that work with management professionals and they hold proper licensing, insurances in the State of Florida.

"By working together we solve problems in the Property Management Industry"

We use information from your website, what you send to us and found your membership page.

We use this information and share this on our many social media pages along with sending Direct Emails to clients. "We want you to be seen and used by Florida's Management Industry"

sfpma digital advertisingFirst think about who your audience is and what you are posting to that targeted audience. Then about your effectiveness with your own company marketing efforts. Ask yourself have those goals been met? When we share about your company, We target the people that are making the decisions.

Our Marketing Professionals are always available to help your company with a marketing plan. Let us know what sales you may be running for that month and how we can help by informing the industry and our members. Let SFPMA spread this through our network of Property Managers and Industry Professionals.

There are many ways we market the information about our members to the industry. Digital Advertising in our publication "Florida Rising Magazine", Online Display Advertising, Social Media Campaigns, and Sponsored Content, Learn more about the right fit for you. Let’s work together! 

Part of your job as a member to aid us with information about your company.

We bring the industry professionals to our website viewing our members directory through information we send to them. We ask our members to send us information about their company, Sales you may be running, Meetings you may be having, and articles you write about their companies. By keeping clients informed of what your company is doing, they learn about our member companies. This helps us with new information to send to our industry and post on our Social Media pages

Write Articles, Share your Membership Page, Send us information about your company, Place our LOGO on your website (Let others know you are a Member).

Many companies are already leveraging these recommendations in ways that are effectively driving sales. An important rule is keeping the content up to date on your membership page - That is your job!



Submit ArticlesWrite Blog Articles

Let industry professionals read and learn through these article's. You can link these to your membership listing page and/or your website.  Every article is shared on our social media pages automatically. and on the Blog page of our website. We also use this information and send to industry professionals and clients. 

It doesn't stop there our marketing also includes sending direct Emails and blasts to these industry professionals with information that captures their eye. 

SFPMA also uses our Publications and Social Media - These Platforms provide an excellent means of communication and engagement for making readers prospective clients and members,  

 *Be found by clients through writing articles, a great way to teach readers about a subject that you do work in! Remember- You are the experts readers come to learn about why they should hire you. 

Get involved take advantage of what we offer members.


There are many ways we market the information about our members to the industry. Most of them are achieved through the special programs and marketing we provide. Special programs we offer industry professionals and companies through their membership include;

  • Our publications - FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE advertising on our pages with member discounts.  
  • Online Display Advertising, Website Pages - members can take featured banners and side linked ads on the many pages of our website.
  • Social Media Campaigns - Posting about our members on all of our social media pages and groups, send us information to post.  
  • Email and Direct Marketing - Sending member information to thousands of industry professionals helping us reach the decision makers.  
  • Sponsored Content - with a email list of over 30,000 Florida professionals that work in the Management, Condo and HOA Industries. Our members let us help them with targeted campaigns they are running each month.


Our MEMBERS DIRECTORY- a fully mapped and social integrated open directory

Management companies, HOA communities, Condo boards, Landlords and Investors find Top Member Professionals indexed on the many categories: Property Management Companies, Service Repair and Business Companies on our members directory.

With your membership listing our goal is to let industry professionals find out What you do? and How you do it?,  This is accomplished using our directory, along with member marketing through Direct Emails, Social Media posts, and our Magazine.

Many other associations or groups list their members on locked directories.  Why we ask?  We thought you joined to get work!  We want you to be seen and used not only by other members but new clients searching for the services you provide.

By becoming a member of SFPMA -  You join to get work!  Get noticed! and let the industry professionals learn about what you do!

You don't just sit on a directory with SFPMA We share your membership page throughout our Industry.



Another way you are able to be seen in the industry is by purchasing advertisements on our WEBSITE, and in the "FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE. The magazine provides Custom Professional Sales and Marketing Programs to Identify – Target – and Grow New Business!  This is a digital magazine that is sent to subscribers, members, and property management professionals each month and then shared on all of our social media pages through the industry.

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We are always running specials so you can get in our next edition. 


Our Sponsorship Program

Through sponsorship you enhance your sales opportunities within our organization. Standing with us side by side is a viable source for your company.

SFPMA welcomes the support that our sponsors provide. Through sponsorship companies have been given valuable resources. Participation in the program is exclusive and only offered to a select group of providers.

  • The Companies are chosen because of their strong commitment to our industry. These Sponsors contribute funds to sfpma annually to support goals. In return Sponsors receive a rich array of marketing and exclusive opportunities to reach and influence customers and prospects.
  • As a sponsor, a company logo will be placed on our website and other emails and mailings to industry professionals, this shows other members that your company is a sponsor of SFPMA. You will get your business logo and Information placed on pages of the website noting your sponsorship with links to your company. If you want to send us your own art work, we will place it for you.
  • At future events your company will be in printings and publications letting everyone know about your sponsorship with SFPMA. In some cases a discount for advertising will be offered to members sponsoring an event with us.
  • Your company will get Full Pages each month in the magazine - Florida Rising. (EX: KBRLegal has Sponsored the Legal Section of our Magazine, They Write Legal Articles that are published each month giving them full credit to these articles for our industry readers.

Contact us about your company becoming an SFPMA Sponsor 

Contact us with any questions you may have.

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