Benefits for Service Members
Florida's Premier Property Management Association dedicated to promoting professionalism with providers of services to the property management industry. Through information and educational opportunities, networking participation, service providers are enabled and encouraged to reach their full potential in their careers and in SFPMA.

What you can expect are:

 Greater recognition in the Industry through your membership.
Peer connection through networking and association meetings. (Including speaking engagements for Members about the Services you provide.)
Ability to be chosen by property managers, partners & investors looking for your services.
Educational and instructive information for licensing & advancement courses through the association and its partners.

**All new Service Members are required to complete and return the Membership information form 

Fill out the Form with your information for your company, Send it to us. We will use the information you supplied and start your membership page to our Directory. Then Make your payment and we will send you a Email with your LOG IN Details. Its that simple.

Our Memberships are now Lifetime: What that means is, We have so many people using our directory that we think its fair to offer members a one time Fee for membership: Service Members will pay 150.00 and get listed on the Directory.

We may contact you and ask if you would like to take out Advertising in our Florida Rising Magazine that is published by and sent throughout the Property Management Industry.  Its a great way to be seen in the Industry.



Condo, HOA and Management Professionals; find Service companies on the Directory


If you are a service professional in Florida and hold valid licensing, insurance and workers compensation get your company listed. You will have the ability to be chosen by the many Management Companies, Condo & HOA Boards, Industry Professionals and Other Members. That use our directory to easily find solutions for the maintenance requests they have.

All new Contractors, Suppliers, and Vendors are required to complete and return the members information form, and proof of the required documentation before your firm can be considered an approved vendor and thus eligible for membership.


  • Copy of your Company Name Registration from the Secretary of State
  • Vendor Agreement Disclaimer of Liability Form
  • Liability Insurance Certificate from your Insurance Agent with Liability Coverage
  • Current Workers Compensation Certificate (or in the case of a Sole Proprietor the Sole Proprietor, Independent Contractor Workers Compensation Indemnity Agreement Completed and Notarized)



Included in the Service Membership:


*Company Listing on the Members Directory – Select the categories you work in, Add all of your contact information, upload pictures, logos, and other information about your company.

*Write Informative Articles – We ask our members to write about what you do. You are the experts and by writing articles that we publish clients can learn more about What you do? and How you can help them?
*Client ratings set up for your company – Ask your clients past and present to write a comment and rate your company, These show on your Membership Page (When people are searching they can read what other clients have written about your business)
*Choose the Categories you do work in – We want you to be seen in the many categories that your company does work in. So let us know other categories you do work in and you will be listed there also. (Great way to let clients find you and what you do)
*Choose the Counties you work in – We are in South Florida but our association covers the entire State of Florida. Pick up to 6 Counties you work in. you are automatically listed on Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade. (unless you let us know the specific counties you work in.)
*Discount for advertising – There are a lot of people using our website with this we offer our members discounts for Advertising on our Website, (Banners, Side Ads, Let us know where you wish to be listed, We can get you on that page.)

*Florida Rising Magazine Directory – In every edition there is a magazine directory that our members can be listed on. (We charge a small fee for this paid one time for the entire year)


EMail: This will be the Email we use to send you information. If you wish to have others in your company to be added to get updates each month Please Email us with the other people in your company you wish to have this information sent to  Send to;


Thank You SFPMA


Service Members: Join Today!

Service Membership Sign Up: Let's get your company listed on the members directory. Fill out the form then make the membership payment. 


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When clients need your services they can find companies on our mapped directory.  This shows clients where you are located, your contact information, making it easy with choosing a company close to where they are located.