Having Security Provider Issues?

Having Security Provider Issues?

I saw a white paper titled “When your security provider, Becomes the security problem.” Although it was for the tech industry, I chuckled. I didn’t get to read it but…

  I have spoken to clients looking for all types of security services. And one of the most common issues in contracted security services is the lack of knowledge, quality and professionalism, or at the very least they may not known how to deliver that information, esp. equating to a proper security program.  It’s almost become an automatic assumption that where someone has or is receiving bad services that I ask what they are currently paying for it. Invasive? No, to the root of the problem. We’ve all been taught “you get what you pay for”, but one of the places this holds no truer is in security. So, what happens when your security provider becomes the security problem? And how do I know when they have become the security problem?

  To begin, let’s address those that currently have security services being provided. They came in sold you on services and since then it seems to have slowly declined. Maybe the front desk agent has become unfriendly and not welcoming? Maybe the guards start to come to work out of dress code, or start missing important information caught by CCTV that should be recorded in a log like deliveries. Guards show up late, don’t make rounds and now you have a question and no one is answering or helping.  If they’re lack – of proper services ends up causing more issues for the business and is creating vulnerabilities then YES, your security provider IS THE PROBLEM. When your security provider is no longer keeping up with new risks and threats to your business and how to mitigate them, then your security provider becomes the problem. When your security is the problem it can lead to extremely critical losses. When you as a business owner rely on quality and professional security services and because of their lack of attention to detail, complacency or what have you, a piece of the project is temporary slowed down or comes to a complete stop, it’s quite disappointing and can lead to a damaged brand image, effect deadlines and so much more

For those that are looking for Security services, STOP! Take a second to think about your concerns, wants and budget. A true security professional can tell you what you need fairly quickly. A proper run company will have an entire operation for the guards he will be utilizing and set up to handle admin duties.  I can’t tell you how many companies offer guards and all they can do is give you a warm body to work a shift. And that’s fine, but do not expect any further service from them.  And in many cases if the bid is very low, either corners are being cut, or pay is very low. Which announces itself as high turnover rates, theft, angry employees. Etc. What about those companies that try to staff 24/7 week long contracts with just two staff? Sleeping guards, distracted guards, etc.  All effect the security of the job and create insider threats as well as vulnerability to the assets.   

  It’s quite simple, not all business provided quality and professional work. And the negative ramifications on the Security Industry because of these companies it actually has shape shifted the service provider wage and clients outlook on security. For many years there has been another level to security, mostly overlooked, mostly fighting to correct the wrongs. When an everyday guard services has the ability the offer services otherwise considered specialized in practice it again starts to throw array an entire industry.

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Joseph Weedman is the Founder of OP4 Security Solutions. Mr. Weedman leads with a bold and unconventional vision that has amounted to great new insight for clients. Mr. Weedman has attended two International Executive Protection programs and graduated from American Public University where he studied Security Management.Through these measures he has helped improve the brand image for companies and clients as well as increased they’re safety and security. Joseph’s knowledge in criminal thinking makes him an asset to any team and pertinent to any security assessment. With his education, experience & current intelligence on recent events he is a well-rounded professional. Mr. Weedman is also a proud member of the National Crime Prevention Association (NCPA). Joseph is a natural leader with an adventurous and innovative spirit. He went on to create OP4 Security Solutions in 2015 planning on bringing changes to the Private Security Industry. His quote “It’s The Little Things That Count” are the back bone to the quality service he and his company provides.