Learn what to look for in a Property Management Company. Finding the right property manager is important, our members are the top companies throughout the State of Florida.

"With all the new investors becoming owners of Real Estate many of these owners are looking to make monthly income. It is through your membership and having your company listed on our directory that these clients can find and use a property management member" 


Find property managers for your investements"We give investors and clients the information to make an informed decision about which property management company to use"

  • They learn about how hiring a professional management company helps them.
  • They find out what fees are associated with management.
  • They read and learn about maintenance issues and repairs for their property. 
  • Other information including what questions to ask potential management companies. We know that with real estate comes non paying tenants, evictions fees, collecting rents, vacant units, inspections, contracts and leases, payment matters from tenants and your monthly money.

Addressing these questions with owners and board members helps them to understand what a manager does, and how important it is to take the time to find the right company that will care for the properties like they would.

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Some of our Featured Members

 learn what to look for in a Property Management company, the benefits, the services they provide, how they collect fees, how repairs are addressed, laws & licensing.

Read and learn what our members can do to help you with the management of your buildings. Managing properties can become quickly overwhelming, even for experienced investors. There is always something going on that requires attention and it takes very little time for things to get out of hand. Hiring a Property Manager can provide an opportunity to regain control and restore stability to both your properties and possibly life in general.

We understand the importance having income real estate to you and your family. We are here to help you with the selection process for hiring the right company for the management of your buildings. Your Property Manager will make critical decisions on your behalf making it extremely important that you do your homework during the hiring process.

Ultimately, your decision to hire or not hire a property management company should hinge on whether or not it is a good fit with your lifestyle, and makes sense financially.  Individual investors will have to assess the opportunity cost of both options based on their unique circumstances.

It is our understanding once an owner buys a property many of them are looking to make money with it. State of Florida Property Management Association is here to help you with information and selection of the many professionals who are part of our association and work in our industry.

Let our members help. Whether it’s assessing property conditions, negotiating service contracts/supply agreements or hiring onsite personnel, our property management members bring a powerful combination of wide-ranging resources and a personal touch to each community they serve, no matter the location, size or community type.

Our Members provide: just to name a few.

  • Providing professional consultations to the board/committee
  • Negotiating and soliciting service contracts/supply agreements
  • Hiring, training and supervising onsite personnel and subcontractors
  • Reviewing property conditions and enforcing governing documents
  • Assisting the board/committee in the resolution of member disputes
  • Establishing and maintaining a resale/rental screening system
  • Completing and processing resale certificates, and providing assistance to owners and real estate agents selling homes within the association
  • Annual meeting assistance, from setup and mailing of meeting notices and announcements, to help in securing a quorum
  • Meeting agenda compilation and distribution
  • Responding promptly to all requests for service or emergencies, 24/7, 365 days a year

Requirements in Florida

Learn the information about Florida Property Management requirements, there is a lot you must know before you manage properties. From Laws to Licensing to Taxes.


Our Members can help

Managing properties can quickly become overwhelming even for experienced investors. We are here to help you with the selection process for hiring the right company for the management of your investments.

What Managers Do

Questions & Answers

A competent manager can add significant value to your investment, which is why many seasoned real estate investors will tell you that a good management company is worth their weight in gold.

Q & A of Management

Become a Property Management Member:

  • With the ownership and management of properties legal issues always come up, having the answers to the many questions and easing the concerns for board members, owners and clients is important to us. Being part of SFPMA gives you a voice in the industry it is through our partners that these issues are addressed not only for our members but the entire industry.
  • Educational and instructive information through the association, for Licensing & Advancement Courses for the property management industry are offered through the association partners.

One of our Members are Gold Coast School a property management training and education member where you can find courses on becoming a property manager and keeping up with new credits to your license.

  • With your membership we give you a subscription to our "Florida Rising Magazine", along with discounts on advertising.  It doesn't stop there, many times we will design ads about our members and publish these in our magazine and post on our many social media avenues. 
  • We are always asking our members to send us articles about how your company can help Property Managers and clients.  
  • Part of your membership is to help us get the word out about your company, we will use this information you send to us, keeping the industry up to date with news from our association and our members.

Included in the Management Membership:

  • Company Listing on the Members Directory – Select the categories you work in, Add all of your contact information, upload pictures, logos, and other information about your company.
  •  Write Informative Articles – We ask our members to write about what you do. You are the experts and by writing articles that we publish clients can learn more about What you do? and How you can help them?
  • Client ratings set up for your company – Ask your clients past and present to write a comment and rate your company, These show on your Membership Page (When people are searching they can read what other clients have written about your business)
  • Choose the Categories you do work in – We want you to be seen in the many categories that your company does work in. So let us know other categories you do work in and you will be listed there also. (Great way to let clients find you and what you do)
  • Choose the Counties you work in – We are in South Florida but our association covers the entire State of Florida. Pick up to 6 Counties you work in. you are automatically listed on Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade. (unless you let us know the specific counties you work in.)
  • Discount for advertising – There are a lot of people using our website with this we offer our members discounts for Advertising on our Website, (Banners, Side Ads, Let us know where you wish to be listed, We can get you on that page.)
  • Florida Rising Magazine Directory – In every edition there is a magazine directory that our members can be listed on. (We charge a small fee for this paid one time for the entire year)

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