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*Renewals: If you wish to pay for the renew of your membership please select your membership category below.


New Membership of SFPMA – Fill out the Application for Membership of  SFPMA 2018

Memberships open to: Management Companies, Business Owners and Service Vendors.

  1. Please choose your membership level on the form below. (Management, Business or Service)
  2. Fill out the membership form with all of your companies information and send to us.
  3. Make the membership payment using our online portal Prefered payment Method -(PayPal Business)
  4. If you wish to pay by Company Check, Please note that you are paying by check, on the bottom of the Form (any other information box) –

Make all checks payable to “SFPMA

Send to our Billing Address: SFPMA * 209 SE 25th Avenue #3 * Pompano Beach, Florida 33062 

Some things you can do as members: Build and Manage your Membership Listing, Members can and should Write Articles, Share your pages with clients, Add Association Membership Logos – Add them to your company website, and remember to link the LOGO back to your membership page on our directory (Let others know that you are a member of SFPMA), Show up to events we sponsor and more…………

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We will Start your companies listing page and Email you a LOG In and Temp Password. If you have signed into sfpma already, We will set the page to that listing name, but me may have to send you a new password to get into the new page, This will be a Temp Password once you have logged into sfpma you can reset your password - You can then enter our platform and add any information to your page.

Thank You SFPMA IT Dept.

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