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Trident Ground Protection

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You’ve made a substantial investment in your property to install a state of the art Closed Circuit  Video Monitoring system to protect your property. But what value is it if no one is watching it to alert you or emergency services personnel to a problems or suspicious activity?

Of course CCTV can be a great forensic tool and a deterrent, but wouldn’t stopping and apprehending criminals BEFORE they cause a loss to you or your tenants be a better return on your investment?

Trident Ground Protection  provides professional monitoring of your CCTV, fire detection and intrusion alarm systems 24 hours a day. Our staff of highly trained video patrol officers and telecommunications will actively patrol your property utilizing your equipment and systems and notify you and emergency first res-ponders to any occurrence of criminal or suspicious activity.


The principles of Trident Ground Protection themselves have over 75 years of military, law enforcement, private security and special ops experience in both the field and in command level positions.


As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional security services, we offer you a no-cost, no obligation assessment of your existing or desired security program including a vulnerability analysis, threat assessment and crime statistics for your site.  We then use the results as the basis for designing a comprehensive and cost effective security program for our clients.



Does your building, complex or facility currently have closed circuit television or fire detection systems that are not monitored?  The professional staff at our Global Security Operations Center located in Fort Lauderdale can monitor your property and systems to provide you and emergency services immediate notification of issues, problems or security breaches.





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