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the ONLY EPA and Manufacturer Approved solution that safely eliminates the Three Biggest Problems that Homeowners face when looking at Roof Cleaning:

  1. The Roof usually makes up at least 50% of what people see when they look at your property. So if the roof looks bad, it detracts from the overall appearance and value of your home.
  2. The Roof Cleaning process can be damaging to the roof – especially when it’s done by inexperienced contractors that don’t know how to do it properly.
  3. There is so much misinformation on the Internet about Roof Cleaning, it can be difficult to know what is correct.

We have been helping Homeowners and Communities for Over 20 Years and We Can Help You.

Roofs that look old & worn out detract from a community’s appearance and therefore property values. So, many communities require Roof Cleaning. But Roof Cleaning can pose a problem for a Community because many roof cleaning contractors are not licensed, insured, or qualified to maintain the roofs properly. So Board Members and Managers generally have these very legitimate concerns:

  • Is it Safe for My Roofs?
  • Will it Damage My Landscaping?
  • How Long Does it Last?
  • How Do I Protect My Association?

We eliminate these concerns. By using Roof-A-Cide, you are assured of a safe and proven system that is applied by trained Professionals – Experts in Roof Cleaning & Maintenance. This allows you to get back to the more important aspects of your job knowing that our process is Safe, Cost-Effective, Proven, and Guaranteed.

Roof-A-Cide® has been helping Homeowners and Communities maintain roofs Safely and Cost-effectively for over 20 years. We help Communities eliminate the need for Roof Cleaning and we can help yours.

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