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Flood Buzz™ Pro

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FloodBuzz_Logo200x250The Flood Buzz™ Pro has two metal prongs on the bottom of each unit. When water comes in contact with the metal prongs, it closes the circuit and sounds an up to 110 dB alarm. Since the Flood Buzz™ Pro comes with an integral battery that lasts for up to three years, all you have to do is place the unit next to any potential leak source. The unit is maintenance free until you replace it.For best performance, Flood Buzz™ Pro should be replaced before the “Replace by” date printed on the chimney. This will also give you reason to call your customers for a service call.
Flood Buzz™ Pro is sold exclusively through wholesale distribution. To find a stocking distributor in your area, please call us at 866 797 6686

NEW:  The Flood Buzz Blue — is getting lots of traction in Florida among the condo buildings that have individual water heaters in each apartment.  The product goes right into a water heater’s drip pan and alerts if the water heater starts leaking water.  Great money saver.



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