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EcoCycle Planet  Stop the problem at the source. Our Atlantis Automated Recycling System comes with Integrated Odor Control, which disinfects difficult to sanitize areas.

 ecocycle250x200Our Atlantis Automated Recycling System separates ordinary waste from recyclable waste directly at the source of disposal. With the press of a button, building occupants can specify waste or recyclable, drop the items down the chute, and our machines on the ground floor take care of the rest. No manual floor-by-floor pickup necessary

Our compactors, bisorters, master control panels, power packs and other components that make up a recycling system are assembled in the United States. We use computer numeric control (CNC) instruments and computer-guided laser cutting instruments to manufacture the metal frame and body of heavy equipment. Other competing companies conduct manufacturing overseas, without the use of advanced instruments mentioned above.


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The city government passed an ordinance requiring residential buildings to provide a method of disposing recyclable material.

Due to the inherent design of residential buildings, obeying such a legal mandate is difficult and very labor intensive.

Collection of recyclable waste, as required by law, is a difficult proposition for hi-rise buildings. Consider these challenges:

  • There is only one chute for disposal purposes. This forces building management to place a separate recycling bin on each floor.
  • Collecting full recycling bins is very labor intensive. Means more expenses for the building management.
  • There is at least one bin on every floor. Imagine the labor necessary to manually empty bins in a 50-floor building.
  • In many jurisdictions, recycling is obligatory so building management is forced to raise fees for building residents.


Rita Danilenko – Manager
Teknopro Systems
1791 Blount Road, Unit 811
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Phone: (954) 257-8812


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