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Bug Thugs Pest Protection Services

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Bug Thugs, Inc.Pest Protection Services

As a full-service, family-owned and operated, South Florida company, Bug Thugs Pest Protection Services — with its unique pest control services  — is proud to provide family, pet, and planet friendly pest control solutions clients all over South Florida!

We look forward to working with you to find a solution that fits your needs. We pride ourself in not only eliminating the pest in your world but, also education you on why and how we do it. “From Bees to Bats, Snakes to Rats. Once we Arrive, They Cease to Thrive!”

Our Services are cover: Residential, Commercial, Restaurants, Rodent Removal, Lawn Care for Pests & Fleas and Termite Inspections. Call us for the solution to your Pest Control Problem.

Apartment Pest Protection

Pests love apartment living. Any place humans find inviting, pests do too. The major pests of apartment living are the German roach but mice, rats, fleas and bed bugs can be quite maddening as well. These pests have the ability to literally roam from home-to-home with relative ease through shared walls or shared plumbing and wiring.

Not the case for fleas literally, but since pets are likely to share the same common areas, it’s a simple hop or two for a flea to find a new home. Getting rid of nuisance pests in an apartment can be challenging without the support of management and the tenants in the adjoining units.

Pest Protection for Tenants and Managers

Tenants: Protect your apartment from common apartment pests by keeping your unit clean and free of food debris and trash, which will help keep unwanted guests away! Also, if you find that your apartment has pests, make sure to contact your landlord promptly. A quick response will result in a quick resolution to the infestation.

Property Managers: One of the toughest problems that apartment management companies face is pest infestations. Cooperation among all tenants is vital to keeping the pest population in check. Bug Thugs offers unique programs that are designed to suit your needs.

With the ease with which pests can travel between units and buildings, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. A pest control professional is your best resource to eliminate any unwanted guests. Bug Thugs understands the challenges apartment pest control can be and is ready to offer you the best solution to the particular pest problems at your facility.

Lets partner to protect your commercial property!

Bug Thugs Pest Protection Services is provides services matched by no other company. Our years of experience are paired with the latest materials and most up-to-date pest control techniques. We offer many pest control services that are tailored to fit your needs. Our plans are tailored for your commercial property to safely and effectively rid of pests.

Lawn Care Packages to Fit Your Needs and Budget

At Bug Thugs we believe that a healthy and pest free lawn helps make a beautiful home. Our lawn care packages are tailored to fit your needs and budget. Using products that are not only environmentally safe but safe for your pets and family.

Commercial Restaurant Pest Protection

We have a focus on Commercial Restaurant Pest Control Service. We know that pests have no respect for the fact that you’re trying to do business. In fact, if you have a food handling or food processing business, the fact that you have products out is like ringing the dinner bell for insects and rodents. They are always in search of a quick and easy meal and they might just choose your place of business to get a snack.

Safe food handling to prevent pests in food is a very serious problem. If the health department finds pests in the food handling business that you run it could be devastating. Even if they don’t shut you down, your reputation could be destroyed from the rumors.

Bug Thug Pest Protection Services is the expert in safe food handling and we have the latest processes to help remove pests from your food handling and food processing company. Our team will eliminate things like flies, roaches, rodents and other pests that contaminate facilities and food itself.


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  1. Frankie

    One of the Best Companies we have ever used, On Time, and knowledgeable about the work we needed. Thank You.

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