It starts with a listing on our Vendors Directory

SFPMA has an open Industries Management, Business and Service Directory where all members of SFPMA are listed according to what you do. You can be seen and used by Industry Professionals. Using GPS we mapped your listing according to where you are located. As Property Managers search our website directory they find companies close to where they are located. Let them find you on our Directory and As a Member!

On our directory platform each listed member is mapped and categorized.  Find top management professionals for your properties, businesses and service companies with all of their contact information. Clients can Leave a Rating, Find Sales & Products, View and connect with companies on their Websites and Social Media Pages.


*Full Memberships allow these companies to build edit and manage their pages, We ask our members to log in monthly and keep your information fresh.

*Share your page on your social media pages, and send your page with your clients. Ask them to leave a rating and comment on your business page.



Setting up your listing, What is included on your company page

Once you sign up and make your membership payment, You can Log In and start building your company page! This page should have your address, and Information about what you do, Place all of your Social Media pages, View some other companies see how they designed their pages.

Many of them placed their LOGO into the article (main body of the page) and used the header for a banner for your page. If you choose to place multi pictures note try to make them the same height or when viewing the page will jump up and down with each picture size.


Add to your Websites – member logos of SFPMA – use the logos that are here for your taking, remember to link this back to your listing page. Let others find you on the directory, have them rate you.



Contact Information: 

 Phone numbers office, fax, mobile,

Email and website

Times you are open/closed ( Days of the week, Times)

Add any extra information you wish to share (using the Extra information Tab)

Each category has its own map marker- when clicked your logo and info will pop up right on the map. When (Read more button is clicked) clients are sent to your company page from the map.

Customers and Clients can leave a rating about your company this is displayed for all to see, Let your clients know about this,  As others view your company page they will see these helping them make an informed decision to hire you.


Location(s): You are GPS IS NOW CODEDmapped using your companies address, This location is also used on each smaller map on your listings page. This will aid anyone looking for the services you provide to find and contact you quickly.

Map GPS Button: The Mapped Directory also has a GPS button. customer’s can click on the Map GPS Button: This sets where they are located this can and will show the member companies that are close to them.

On your company page your listing includes directions for clients that wish to go to your business location.


Pictures: You can upload featured pictures, A logo for the pop up location box and listings category page. On your company page pictures are set at the top clients can view the work you have completed and what you do.

Thumbnail Best Size: Logos; 290px x 290px,  Top of Company Page (Featured Image): 600px x 300px,  Sizes of your uploads are displayed as per your upload we may have to re-size them accordingly. 

Best Advice for Pictures: The Platform is Responsive. Set Pictures at the same Height. If you upload company page pictures of different heights the screen will jump ( The screen will move up and down adjusting for the sizes)


Promotions: – We have set up promotions you can design from your company page. As a registered member you can add promotions from your company set the dates for the promotion to run prices for this special service you are offering, these will display on your company page, you can also share these by Email and Social Media.

Extra Information: On your company page you can add any information you wish about your company. These are set as a separate tab and will display this information.

Events & Meetings: You can add Events – Just fill out the form and send it to us, We will upload it to our Upcoming Events Calendar and share it with the industry






Contact us we will answer any questions you may have! 

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