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Having Security Provider Issues?

Having Security Provider Issues?

  • Posted: Jun 25, 2017
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I saw a white paper titled “When your security provider, Becomes the security problem.” Although it was for the tech industry, I chuckled. I didn’t get to read it but…

  I have spoken to clients looking for all types of security services. And one of the most common issues in contracted security services is the lack of knowledge, quality and professionalism, or at the very least they may not known how to deliver that information, esp. equating to a proper security program.  It’s almost become an automatic assumption that where someone has or is receiving bad services that I ask what they are currently paying for it. Invasive? No, to the root of the problem. We’ve all been taught “you get what you pay for”, but one of the places this holds no truer is in security. So, what happens when your security provider becomes the security problem? And how do I know when they have become the security problem?

  To begin, let’s address those that currently have security services being provided. They came in sold you on services and since then it seems to have slowly declined. Maybe the front desk agent has become unfriendly and not welcoming? Maybe the guards start to come to work out of dress code, or start missing important information caught by CCTV that should be recorded in a log like deliveries. Guards show up late, don’t make rounds and now you have a question and no one is answering or helping.  If they’re lack – of proper services ends up causing more issues for the business and is creating vulnerabilities then YES, your security provider IS THE PROBLEM. When your security provider is no longer keeping up with new risks and threats to your business and how to mitigate them, then your security provider becomes the problem. When your security is the problem it can lead to extremely critical losses. When you as a business owner rely on quality and professional security services and because of their lack of attention to detail, complacency or what have you, a piece of the project is temporary slowed down or comes to a complete stop, it’s quite disappointing and can lead to a damaged brand image, effect deadlines and so much more

For those that are looking for Security services, STOP! Take a second to think about your concerns, wants and budget. A true security professional can tell you what you need fairly quickly. A proper run company will have an entire operation for the guards he will be utilizing and set up to handle admin duties.  I can’t tell you how many companies offer guards and all they can do is give you a warm body to work a shift. And that’s fine, but do not expect any further service from them.  And in many cases if the bid is very low, either corners are being cut, or pay is very low. Which announces itself as high turnover rates, theft, angry employees. Etc. What about those companies that try to staff 24/7 week long contracts with just two staff? Sleeping guards, distracted guards, etc.  All effect the security of the job and create insider threats as well as vulnerability to the assets.   

  It’s quite simple, not all business provided quality and professional work. And the negative ramifications on the Security Industry because of these companies it actually has shape shifted the service provider wage and clients outlook on security. For many years there has been another level to security, mostly overlooked, mostly fighting to correct the wrongs. When an everyday guard services has the ability the offer services otherwise considered specialized in practice it again starts to throw array an entire industry.

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Joseph Weedman is the Founder of OP4 Security Solutions. Mr. Weedman leads with a bold and unconventional vision that has amounted to great new insight for clients. Mr. Weedman has attended two International Executive Protection programs and graduated from American Public University where he studied Security Management.Through these measures he has helped improve the brand image for companies and clients as well as increased they’re safety and security. Joseph’s knowledge in criminal thinking makes him an asset to any team and pertinent to any security assessment. With his education, experience & current intelligence on recent events he is a well-rounded professional. Mr. Weedman is also a proud member of the National Crime Prevention Association (NCPA). Joseph is a natural leader with an adventurous and innovative spirit. He went on to create OP4 Security Solutions in 2015 planning on bringing changes to the Private Security Industry. His quote “It’s The Little Things That Count” are the back bone to the quality service he and his company provides.
Making the most of any  community’s operating budget and improving the lifestyles of its residents.

Making the most of any community’s operating budget and improving the lifestyles of its residents.

  • Posted: May 31, 2017
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Working with vendors is a large part of serving on the board of a managed community.

Every community has outside partners for services like landscaping, sanitation, cable and Internet provision, pool maintenance, plumbing, blacktop, valet services and more. Finding and learning what they do and how they can help. Many people ask if its the Management company to find the best companies for the properties? Well we have found that Boards help in the selecting of the right companies. They give their suggestions to the Management companies. This way favoritism does not take place. Laws are being changed as we speak that will prevent this for Florida’s Property Management Industry.

Open and effective communication among the board, the management company and the vendors employed by the association is an important part of making the most of any community’s operating budget and improving the lifestyles of its residents. Focusing on great communication and why it matters.


What can happen if communication among those entities isn’t consistent, open and effective? “Ineffective communication with vendors can cost your community money, but more importantly, it can result in loss of trust,” according to Frank Mari, executive director of SFPMA.ORG  “That means trust that the residents have in both the management company and the board, and also the trust the board has in the management company to manage vendors and recommend the right vendors for the community. As they need qualified vendors they find many on SFPMA’s Members Directory to select from.”

Poor communication with vendors can cost your association money too. If you don’t understand the details in a contract and don’t keep an open line for questions and clarifications, you may not realize that your community isn’t getting the services you think you are signing up for…. and then you will need to pay for the missing elements separately, impacting your operating budget.

Mr.Mari says “Talk to your landscaper in the middle of winter, not just spring and summer,” he directed. “If you’re an auditor, check in with the board and management company a few times of year, not just when the audit needs to be done.” Call them ask them to do a walk through of your buildings and communities, Preventive Maintenance is Key.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your current property management maintains open communication with vendors, ask! It’s important to make sure that outside vendors operate in the best interests of your community. We are all well-versed in the importance of vendor relationships and effective communication,” Frank explained. “Boards appreciate that we bring that additional level of support. Because of the trust we create with our vendors, almost any situation between boards and vendors can be resolved fairly.”

Speaking the language A basic part of communication is simply understanding the language each party is speaking. Most board members are not going to be experts in all the areas of running a
managed community, but it’s important that you have a basic knowledge of the terminology being used. Board members are expected and required to execute contracts related to things like
landscaping and other topics they may not be previously familiar with,” Talk to your Property Manager and include your Law Firm with contracts. “That fiduciary responsibility means that they need to understand what they are signing, what the work entails. It’s not enough to just consider price. Board members need to know more about what vendors are doing in order to make sure it’s being done.”

All HOA and Condo boards should be involved early in vendor selection discussions and leave the details of execution to the management company. It is important the board communicate any critical elements of their vision for the community to the vendor and be clear about what they require from each potential vendor they meet with. Board members must know enough to
understand what they should expect, what level of service is being provided for their community and what reasonable expectations are for that vendor. A landscaping company
that cares for a dozen large properties isn’t going to hand-prune every shrub, but that may be what some board members expect because they don’t yet understand the basics of large-scale landscaping,” “Of course, a self-managed community is going require more knowledge from the board members as far as monitoring the work being done and knowing that contracts are being fulfilled properly. Having a professional management company involved takes that responsibility off board members, because we know best practices, thanks to our experience managing multiple communities.” If you are looking for a Management Company

Find Top Florida Companies on our Members Directory.

How can boards and management companies know they are up-to-date on the terminology and jargon being used by their vendors? Many management companies are SFPMA Members themselves, With this membership there are educational seminars or round tables that let board members hear directly from vendors. “In addition to our in-house educational opportunities, I suggest that board members go to home shows, garden shows and other trade events so they can interact directly with vendors and pick up literature on the latest techniques and products,”. - network, educate with Florida's Property management industryI tell my members to spend time at meetings, seminars and expos at every one of them get to know the vendors, Collect brochures.  Build those relationships. Listen to the keynote speakers as well. Over the years, vendors have shared with me how they have been impacted by SFPMA and how it makes them want to be part of our success. Obviously, you learn a lot that you take back to their boards and educate them on new information.

All of our members, partners and board members are asked to focus on professional development and educational opportunities that are offered by our Association to our Industry. vendors in many different disciplines host events that allow property managers to earn continuing education credits, and that many welcome board member attendance as well.

When you get to know vendors, you’re ready to work with them as partners, to optimize your community association’s budget and improve the lifestyles of the residents in your community.

South Florida Property Management Association can help you work with vendors to make the most of your association’s budgets by learning about the Top Companies working in our Industry.

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What you can’t see is often more important than what you can.

What you can’t see is often more important than what you can.

  • Posted: Feb 09, 2017
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When talking about people we often say it’s what is on the inside that counts, well the same can be said for condominiums. What you can’t see is often more important than what you can.

Many associations came about when developers converted apartment buildings into condos. Others in south Florida are just getting old and while it might not always be obvious on the outside a look inside the walls, under the slab or in the elevator equipment room will give you a better picture of the problems that lurk beneath the surface. All of these things have useful life’s and tend to wear out over time.

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Watch out for Squatters on your property.

Watch out for Squatters on your property.

It’s getting Cold outside, Watch out for Squatters in your property. Read the Article in the December Florida Rising Magazine –   Trident Ground Protection: Has a Service for Property Owners – Physical Patrols. Trident Ground Protection provides professional monitoring of your CCTV, fire detection and intrusion alarm systems 24 hours a day. Our staff of highly trained video patrol officers and telecommunications will actively patrol your property utilizing your equipment and systems and notify you and emergency first responders to any occurrence of criminal or suspicious activity. Owner: Colin Geoffrey Taylor   1. Figure out if it really is a squatter. The first question to ask is if the people that you see on your property really are squatting or if they are in fact simply trespassing. A trespasser is a much less substantial problem. It’s someone who has come onto your land or buildings unlawfully. Trespassers usually do not stay long. Vandalism is a common motivation for trespassers, but they could be there for any reason. A squatter is someone who has essentially moved into your place and is treating it as their home, explains Colin Geoffrey Taylor of Florida Based Security Firm Trident Ground Protection. “This practice is more common if the property is a vacation home and/or the owner rarely comes to check on the place,” he says. “For the most part, squatters can’t be removed without some sort of civil eviction action.” If someone doesn’t move out when their lease expires, that is actually a different type of problem – called a holdover tenant. Holdover tenants can be difficult to get out of the unit, requiring legal paperwork that is not necessary in the case of a true squatter. Complicating the issue, though, squatters can become holdover tenants if they can prove that they have been living on your property for a specified period of time. For instance, in Florida, the time period is 30 days. While someone who has been renting from a landlord and refuses to leave in Broward County Palm Beach or Miami Dade County its according to the lease payment time, from month to month rental to Year to Year rental both with different eviction procedure’s. a squatter graduates to holdover status after just one month. Generally around the country, it’s much easier to get rid of squatters than holdovers, but a holdover action frequently delivers better results, according to “Often times, a holdover proceeding seems to give the landlord a more guaranteed approach to recovering their property,” explains the eviction expert at “The trade off is that with a holdover proceeding, the time to evict is often a little longer.”   2. Move to evict. All right, so you want to kick these squatters to the curb. The first thing to do is deliver an eviction notice. What you are basically going to be serving to the squatters is what’s called an unconditional quit notice. In other words, the squatter needs to vacate the premises and move out all their belongings, and there are no conditions in which they would be allowed to stay. As NationalEvictions explains, these documents are also used for extreme situations in which the landlord wants the tenant out of the building immediately, without any chance for corrective action. In most states, they can’t be used with actual tenants unless they have failed to meet lease guidelines multiple times, been late with the rent repeatedly, torn apart the property, or used the environment for criminal purposes. They with a tenant in that case you can issue them a 7-Day notice to Quit, and in the event of an repeat action of any of the above you then issue the Tenant a 7-Day Notice that they now have no chance to cure and you will be evicting them. This again takes time. Here’s the thing: Just like tenants who have done considerable damage or are blatantly non compliant, squatters may disregard your notice. If they won’t move out, the next step is an unlawful detainer lawsuit. Once you win the suit, then you can get a court order. Let the squatters know about the court order. If they won’t budge, the police will help you enforce the court decision, says NationalEviction, who also warns that “Taking matters into your own hands by forcibly removing squatters could land you in legal trouble. With Real Estate and Owners that live in other states Trident Ground Protection has a solution to bring piece of mind for your property. They have clients that own some homes in Miami and Broward County that are million dollar properties, Trident has great rates where they physically patrol the properties do inspections and walk grounds, they check for any sign of doors windows broken or entry into the homes. “Just last month a NY client that has many investment properties they are holding for sale called and agreed for Trident to start patrolling. Colin said in the week that he started one of the homes he noticed a light that should not have been on, Police called and a woman in her early 30’s was living in the house, That could have been worse if she was living their a while then we would need a court order to remove her. She just got in and was there only a few days before i took over the daily weekely patrols.”   3. Don’t get blindsided by adverse possession laws. No one can just break into your place and claim it, of course … or can they? Squatters actually can take over ownership of your property if they have lived there long enough – typically multiple years, although parameters vary around the country. Although all the conditions of adverse possession laws must be in place in order for the squatter to win, Trident advises property owners on taking precautions. “Your best bet in preventing this result is to go and visit all your property locations at least once a month to check for…

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  • Posted: Dec 12, 2015
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HOLIDAY CYBER SAFETY Magazine Articles – Read the article in the December Edition of Florida Rising.   What a beautiful time of the year when we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa with family and friends and do our best to give each person on our shopping list THE perfect gift. To find that perfect gift we can fight the traffic and crowds at the mall or save time and aggravation by shopping online. Let’s go with the online approach. To successfully shop on line it is important for you to be aware of cyber criminals and the inventive and aggressive methods they employ to steal your money and identity, and there are many. What are some of the popular schemes? The Fraudulent Classified Ads or Auction Sales and Nondelivered Merchandise are two that are easy to fall victim to. Let me explain; the Fraudulent Classified Ads or Auction Sales is a scam where the seller post items that are stolen or is purchased with a stolen credit card. The Nondelivered Merchandise is a scam where merchandise is sold that does not exist. The buyer purchases items online which is never delivered. How do you avoid becoming a victim and totally ruining your holiday shopping? Well, here are a few tips to best protect yourself:   ● Get to know as much about the seller as possible. Start with a Google search paying special attention ratings, comments or complains. Research the BBB, many scam “artist” are listed on the FBI web site at ( ) or research your states business licenses sitesFlorida residents can log on to or ● It is best to play it safe and buy from reputable companies you are familiar or have done business with in the past. ● Avoid companies that do not have a physical address. No company is based in a post office box. ● Send an email to make sure it is valid and call the contact number to make sure the company even exist. ● Don’t base your decision to do business with a company on their web site. It is easy to set up a flashy web site which is just that…flash. ● When possible pay with your credit card so you can dispute the charge if there is a problem. ● Avoid dealing with foreign companies. It is almost impossible to verify the legitimacy or get a refund from companies not in the US. ● Never respond to special investment offers because there is a real possibility the “company” is only after your banking information to seal your identity. ● Beware of price differences, for example a designer hand bag for $19.99 which sells at Macy’s for $125.00 is, in all likelihood, fake. ● The old saying: “If it is to good to be true, it is.” applied back in the day and still does today. Shopping online can really simplify your holiday preparations if it is done with caution and due diligence. Article by: Sandy Glover, All American Tenant Screening Results you can trust. Stay current with my monthly articles…

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