Become a Successful Property Manager in Florida

Become a Successful Property Manager in Florida

  • Posted: Oct 02, 2016
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Property Management Education – Become a Property Manager

As the number of Floridians renting properties continues to increase at record rates, so has the demand for property managers.  Whether you are interested in purchasing your first investment property, or are looking to become a professional property manager, the basics are the same.

The Gold Coast Schools property management course will help you understand the responsibilities, functions, and skills involved in property management.  Included with your course is a detailed workbook that will serve as a practical reference guide covering how to handle everyday situations that you will encounter out in the field.

For the investor, this course will teach you about the following:

  • What to look for in a rental property
  • How to identify, purchase, and manage the property
  • Daily tasks involved in marketing, tenant selection, tenant relations and maintaining profitability

For the professional property manager, this course will help with:

  • Properly handing tenant issues such as move-ins and move-outs
  • How to think like an owner to better manage the property
  • Managing the property while remaining in compliance and maintaining profitability

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