Welcome; With SFPMA you can strengthen your knowledge, network through events offered or further your career goals in Florida's Management Industry - Becoming a Member can be a great option for you and your company!

Making connections is critical and joining can give you the opportunity to connect on a State Level. Creating professional relationships is important, our goal is supporting members in reaching their professional goals. With your membership you have access to an established support system of experienced people who are motivated to get things done. In addition to providing information about your company to the decision makers. You can enhance your personal and professional development through provided networking opportunities. We are a member organization in Florida for Condo, HOA and the Property Management Industries. Through our website pages packed with information, events, publications and our Florida Directory, Clients can find everything from proper operations of your buildings to finding the top Florida certified companies that work throughout the State.


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It Starts with your Company Page This is where your company is first viewed by Board Members, Management Companies and Clients to meet their needs for Services they need for the Properties they own and Manage.  We then place you on our Mailing lists so you are sent Emails and Publications each month, Keeping our members informed is key. You can take advantage of our Meetings, Seminars and Expos and further reach the decision makers in our industry.


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Upload the information about what services you provide. Set up your company's contact details. Place pictures showing the jobs you have completed.

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Let Clients find your Company

Let them find you on the Directory Many Trust our selection of top companies. This helps when choosing to hiring a company

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Thousands of Property Management Professionals are searching for Services & Businesses, You have to be listed to be found on the directory.

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Members are State Recognized Property Management, Business and Service Companies that work throughout the State of Florida.

Select a membership category below, Management Companies, Business or Service Companies to become a member. SFPMA Offers first your company is listed on the Florida Members Directory so clients can find and use your services, Next we ask members to send us information about your company, company updates, articles we can use in our publications and share with clients following us on our Social Media Pages, We dont push but ask members to take out advertising in our publications sent to thousands of readers, board members, condo and hoa owners, and finally many know SFPMA by members sending us what your company is doing we can let clients know this and help them make an informed decision when they need companies for repairs in the buildings they own, manage and run.

Property Managers


Partnering with us and becoming a member is important

We give investors and clients the information to make an informed decision about which property management member to use. Addressing the questions for owners and board members helps them to understand what a manager does and how important it is to take the time to find the right company that will care for their properties.


Using the right company the first time solves your problem faster

Many property managers use our members for accounting, architecture, banking and funding, collections, insurance and building claims, public relations, telecommunications, tower management, and web design to name a few. When they are using our members as their outside business database combined with their company's in-house dept’s they can relax knowing we only offer memberships to the companies that passed the industry and our membership standards.

Service Vendors

Zero Turn Mowers

When they are looking for the highly trained companies who are licensed, bonded and insured that is what they get!

Many property managers use our members for faster quality repairs in the buildings and communities they manage this equates to happier residents, fewer high-priced emergency repair bills and cost savings overall. You must be licensed in Florida and hold proper liability and workers compensation insurance for your company and employees.

If you are a professional in Florida and hold valid licensing and insurance, join today. You will have the ability to be chosen by clients in the Property Management Industry. Managers can easily find companies for solutions to the their maintenance, business and management concerns.