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Thank you for deciding to become of a member of SFPMA! You've made the right choice.

With members including Property management companies, building owners, HOA's, condo boards, self managed associations, vacation management companies and landlords. SFPMA will allow you to benefit from the best information, career development resources, networking events to help advance your career, along with forming relationships between Service Providers and Businesses with the Management Industry that lead to increased business for your company.

Membership Categories 



Property management companies, building owners, HOA's, condo boards, self managed associations, vacation management companies, landlords. Have partnered with us learn how you can become a member.



This includes firms that provide business services to clients & members. ie: Insurance companies, Law firms, Collections, Accounting firms, Public relations, Web design etc. Members are looking for you to help with the operation of their companies



One of the most important parts is maintenance of the properties. The service members provide products and services used in management, operation and maintenance of real property. For our property management members and condo owners this means they get qualified & pre screened companies


It Starts with your membership of SFPMA and listing your company on the Find-A-Service Directory. Let us market you using our many avenues ie: Social Media, Direct Emails, and Our Magazine "Florida Rising" keeping readers, industry professionals and members informed using "Top of Mind" principles . What is that you ask? Simply, we share about our members all the time what you do and how you help building owners and management companies as well as landlords in need of your services. "Unlike other companies we don't have a list you can get on, or some kind of tack that is used on a cork board,"

We have a directory where clients come to find Property Managers, Business & Service Professionals. 




SFPMA Membership - Through your membership with SFPMA, We send your company leads from Investors looking to find qualified Property Management Professionals for the properties they own.


Find-A-Service Directory - Our mapped services website where clients and other members can find and use local companies to solve maintenance requests for the properties they own and manage.


Florida Rising Magazine - A premier industry magazine, keeping everyone informed with Services, Businesses, and Property Management, news, events, industry articles throughout the State of Florida.

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Starting January 2016 The Florida Rising Magazine will be charging a yearly fee for companies to be listed on the magazine directory. Fill out the Form reserve your Ad Spot.

What our members are saying

We are so pleased with our membership, networking with other like minded property owners and having access to any service we need on the directory.
Peter J. Sorvin

We joined and were listed on the directory, right away calls for management requests came in and made new connections with managers for work in their buildings.
Mary Kennedy

I'm an owner of condos that i rent, SFPMA is a way to find the information for the help I need. With our membership we made contacts with other Property Managers and use the companies from your directory for all of my repairs.
Michael Gimelfarb