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When you join and become a member, you are listed on the members directory. We market your company to the property management industry letting them know the valuable services you provide. "We get many calls from clients asking us" Who should we use from management to repairs, or we are making changes and need bids from vendors" Our many members benefit from this and form lasting relationships in the Property Management Industry.


With a client-centered philosophy, South Florida Property Management Association focuses on creating and delivering customized strategies that achieve results and create value for our clients. We offer members a full range of professional association management tools, public relations and marketing services that help organizations meet principal goals.


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Property Managers

Partnering with us and becoming a member is important

We give investors and clients the information to make an informed decision about which property management member to use. Addressing the questions for owners and board members helps them to understand what a manager does and how important it is to take the time to find the right company that will care for the properties.



Using the right company the first time solves your problem faster

Many property managers use our members for accounting, architecture, banking and funding, collections, insurance and building claims, public relations, telecommunications, tower management, and web design to name a few. When they are using our members as their outside business database combined with their company's in-house dept’s they can relax knowing we only offer memberships to the companies that passed the industry and our membership standards. 


Zero Turn Mowers

Service Vendors

When they are looking for the highly trained companies who are licensed, bonded and insured that is what they get!

Many property managers use our members for faster quality repairs in the buildings and communities they manage this equates to happier residents, fewer high-priced emergency repair bills and cost savings overall. You must be licensed in Florida and hold proper liability and workers compensation insurance for your company and employees.


Q & A to help you with your decision.

* Clients contact you from your membership page.

Your membership page is the customer's first impression of you. Make it a good one! Be sure to add all of your company's information. including pictures of the work you do, website, telephone numbers, and an address. Don't forget Social Media pages so anyone can find you and tell others about the services you provide.

* They are contacting you for work they need, Give them an estimate.

Customers are more likely to hire professionals who provide a basic idea of price and knowledge. Your quote doesn't have to be a final number; it can change as you learn more about the job. Tell customers exactly what the quote includes. Then let customers know how the price may change and what the variables are. If applicable, offer to match others on price for the same tasks. Or if you quoted a higher price than industry norm, explain why. Set a competitive price and be clear what your price includes and what you can or cannot do. Finally, pay attention to the small things: address the customer by name, make sure not to make spelling or grammar mistakes, and sign your name at the end.

* Send your membership page to all of your clients and friends, Ask them for reviews!

Professionals with 1 review get hired 66% more than pros with no reviews. Professionals with 5 or more reviews get hired 75% more than pros with no reviews. Customers show us reviews are a major factor in their decision of who to hire. Take the time to ask your customers to write reviews. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time. In fact, research has shown that reviews that are not 100% positive are more credible.

* Build a winning profile.

Customers are looking for experienced professionals. Your profile is where you show them that you're the one for the job. Exhibit what you can do by including images and videos of your past work. Let them know to consider why using a SFPMA Member is key.  In your profile show off your work. Then, demonstrate your expertise and credentials by describing your experience and skills. And build trust by adding a professional license, doing a background check, or linking to your website and social media profiles.

* Use the Sales & Products area to upload Sales you are running!

Many members have doubled or even tripled the size of their businesses by simply responding consistently to customer requests. For a majority of members on our directory they have also sent sales they are running,  You can too, It is part of your membership! – Take the time to set up sales and products your company is running we upload these and integrate them into the directory pages. Submit different types of Sales on Services you offer; Get requests that are a good fit – learn what works for you.


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