South Florida Property Management Association

"Through your membership and our marketing, we drive traffic to industry professionals that lead to increased business for your company and lasting relationships for you."

 Our members include: Property Managers & Property Management Companies, Building Owners, HOA Communities, Condo Associations & Board Members, Multi-Family and Single Family Management Companies, Landlords, Investors and Vacation Rental Managers throughout Florida. We work together for the proper management and maintenance of real property. It is our intention to inform, educate and promote members and industry professionals to achieve success in the property management industry. 


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Property management companies, building owners, HOA's, condo boards, self managed associations, vacation management companies, and landlords use our members. Learn how you also can become a member.

Management Members


This includes firms that provide business services to our industry and members. ie: Insurance companies, Law firms, Collections, Accounting firms, Public relations and many more. Members are looking for you to help with the operation for their companies.

Business Members


One of the most important parts is maintenance of the properties. Service members provide products and services used in management, operation and maintenance of real property. For our property management members and condo owners this means they get qualified & pre screened companies.

Service Members



 Our members help by saving you time and money with the properties you own and manage.

When you are looking for the highly trained companies who are licensed, bonded and insured that is what you get! We did the background work for you, if a company wishes to join we first need to see that they meet our strict requirements. So when your using our members as your outside services database combined with your in-house maintenance, you can relax knowing we only offer memberships to the companies that passed the industry and our strict standards. Using the right company the first time solves your're problem, before it turn's into a major problem. Many in the property management industry use our members for faster quality repairs in the buildings and communities they manage, this equates to happier residents, fewer high-priced emergency repair bills and cost savings overall.


 You must be licensed in Florida and hold proper liability and workers compensation insurance for your company and employees.

 Your company aids in cost savings to the Property Management Industry and can give a discount to members.

 Your company has a proven track record working in the property management industry, we will check references for past work in our industry.

 Members are asked to place our logo on your website showing your affiliation with SFPMA and Find-A-Service the associations directory, please link it back to our website.  (approved logos) 

As a member all of your company’s information is listed on our directory in the categories your company does work in. If you do work in more than one trade let us know we can allow your listing to include this on the directory.


Find-A-Service Listing

Find-A-Service is our member directory it's used by our industry to find the right professionals 

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Products & Service Sales

View products and services our members provide to the management industry

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Florida Rising Magazine

Our industry publication opened by over 20,000 monthly management professionals

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Start with a listing on our Find-A-Service Directory

"Property Managers best resource for finding qualified business and service professionals for the properties they own and manage"

On our directory platform you can find our members each listed member is mapped and categorized making your choice easy.  Find top management professionals for your properties, businesses and service companies with all of their contact information. Leave a Rating, Find Sales & Products these companies may be running saving you money on the services they provide.FIND-A-SERVICE.COM

We pre-screen every company making sure that these companies meet State, Local and our requirements so you can trust that you are finding only the best companies for the work you need. Having these members mapped on FIND-A-SERVICE DIRECTORY allows you to find members located close to you this save's you time when you have a job that needs to get done. is the Industries Management, Business and Service Directory where all members of SFPMA are listed according to what you do. You can be seen and used by Industry Professionals. 


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Keeping owners, members, and industry professionals informed with what you do. We do this by using many media avenues, direct emails, social media marketing, Ads in our industry magazine, and speaking directly with our members. Through this exchange of information we have become a valuable resource in our industry.




There are many ways we market the information about our members to the industry. Most of them are achieved through the special programs and marketing products we provide. Special programs we offer industry professionals and companies through their membership include; Digital Issue Advertising, Florida Rising Magazine, Online Display Advertising, Social Media Campaigns, and Sponsored Content, Learn more about the right fit for you.

Our Marketing - South Florida Property Management Association partners with many businesses. Our effective marketing helps companies grow throughout the industry. We believe in Top of Mind Marketing.

sfpma digital advertisingThis marketing consists of information you supply to us and what is posted on your company page on our website. We use this company information and share this on many social media pages, letting others learn about what your company offers and how you can help clients and industry professionals.

We want you to be seen and used, first we have to speak to you about who your audience is and what you are posting to that targeted audience. We will ask you about your effectiveness with your own company marketing efforts and have those goals been met.  Our Team of Marketing Professionals are always available to help your company with its own marketing plan and spread this through our network of Property Management companies and professionals. Just let us know what sales ideas you may be running for that month and how we can help by informing the industry and our members. What is Top of Mind; Constantly keeping what you do on the minds of the decision makers gives you a better opportunity to get more work within the association and with industry professionals.

Were bringing industry professionals and members to our website!  It is part of your job as a member to aid us through the information you submit on your membership page keeping this content up to date is your job.

Submitting Products & Service Sales from your company is included with you're membership and is free to use. These are uploaded and built into our directory and on our Sales & Products Pages - Fill out the form with products and service sale in the category you set this to,including; pictures, sale or product details, price, description if you wish to set this for a specific time, etc.  We upload these to our database on the website and integrate these on many other pages when clients are searching the directory they can find sales and products in that category and when clients are searching on the sales and products pages they can find the featured members offering these sales & products. Best of all is our team uses these sales and shares these socially and clients can find and send these on social media to their friends and colleagues. It's a great way to be found and used by clients and industry professionals that want to save money.

Write articles and submit them to us, our marketing efforts includes Blog Articles - "Keeping you informed" we publish great articles in many category's from management, business to services just to name a few, as clients are reading and learning they can find the submitted the article's you have written we link these to your membership listing page and/or your website every article is shared on all of our social media pages and the many groups we are affiliated with.  Being found by clients through industry articles is a great way to use this to teach them about a subject that you do work in. Submit Industry Articles. Send to:

It doesn't stop there our marketing also includes sending direct E-mail's and Blasts to industry professionals with information that captures the eye of these professionals. Through Direct Marketing using our publications and social media - These platforms provide an excellent means of communication and engagement for prospective clients, current clients, and more. Many companies are already leveraging these platforms in ways that are effectively driving sales.  

Marketing is Fee based call for information. 

Advertising - Another way you are able to be seen in the industry is by purchasing advertisements on our website, and in the "FLORIDA RISING MAGAZINE. The magazine provides Custom Professional Sales and Marketing Programs to Identify – Target – and Grow New Business!  This is a digital magazine that is sent to over 20,000 subscribers, members, and property management professionals each month and then shared on all of our social media pages through the industry..  

Find out more about advertising in our magazine and our website.


The Sponsorship Program - Through sponsorship you enhance your sales opportunities within our organization. Standing with us side by side is a viable source for your company. welcomes the support that our sponsors provide. Through sponsorship companies have been given valuable resources to our members and the Property Management Industry. Participation in the program is exclusive and only offered to a select group of providers.

  • The Companies are chosen because of their strong commitment to our industry. These Sponsors contribute funds to sfpma annually to support goals. In return for:

     Sponsors receive a rich array of marketing and exclusive opportunities to reach and influence customers and prospects.

     As a sponsor, a company web logo will be placed on our outgoing email this shows other members that your company is a sponsor of SFPMA.

     You will get your business logo and Information placed on pages of the website noting your sponsorship with links to your company. If you want to send us your own art work, we will place it for you.

     At future events your company will be in printings and publications letting everyone know about your sponsorship with SFPMA. In some cases a discount for advertising will be offered to members sponsoring an event with us.

     Your company will get Full Pages each month in the magazine - Florida Rising.

     Advertising for sponsorship members, Top Billing on publications for events and meetings, full page ads and articles showing your company to the industry events we bring to out industry.

Contact us with any questions you may have. 



Through Educational Seminars & Events - You enhance your knowledge within our organization and the industry.

South Florida Property Management Association has many partners through this you can grow in the management industry with (ECU) credits that offer you knowledge through participation at seminars, meetings, events, and education towards your license and keeping your license active. Many of these programs are offered to the industry and our members.

 SFPMA members receive a rich array of information through the partnerships of our member companies ie: Legal Courses, Advanced Licensing Credits, Board Member Courses, Insurance, Collections, Finance, We also offer to our members exclusive opportunities to reach your goals in the industry. As a member we send these courses to you directly with dates and times and post these on our calendar of events on our website.  

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Generate qualified leads and sales opportunities from your target audience.

"Property Managers best resource for finding qualified business and service professionals for the properties they own and manage"








It takes both strategy and imagination to generate big ideas with big outcomes. The Marketing Division at SFPMA combines creativity and strategic thinking with our branding solutions to assure you apply your brand consistently to our audience of decision makers.




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Property Managers, Businesses and Service providers learn more about memberships and adding your company w/ contact information, pictures, email, website, location, social media links, and sales, to our members directory called FIND-A-SERVICE